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Saturday, January 29, 2005

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What a nice time it was!! I really enjoyed the party. I think I enjoy all of them. Playing DART was real fun. I spent most of the time, with drinks, chicken fries and playing DART. I am getting expertise in it darts slowly, cause I could throw Darts with back hands. It was cooooooool!!

I was surprized, that even 4-5 shots and few beers could not make me drunk. When we party, we never stop.. can you imagine a party went on for 6 hrs. And Mac's dance steps, and me joining them in few back flips. LOL, it was fun.

When we done with 'White Horse' bar, we went to 'Balthazar' for dinner. Thanks to Andrew. He is like a online directory of Awesome restaurants and bars in New York. Looking forward for next party now.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Strong Bad's English Paper

I came across someone's blog and I read it there... LOL.. its funny.

The site is The link below is a thing from that website about writing a paper for an English class. lots of advice there.. lol.
Strong Bad's English Paper

Now I gonna be the Strong Bad :-D

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Today's day was very cool.. Celebrated b-day with champagne and cake. I stolen a bean bag from one corner of office to my place. Now wheneva I feel tired, I throw myself on the bag :-D. So comfy feeling...

I did not read any news today. Why I am going away from Current News. Neither I got any interest in trading today. Though I did not give very much of attention, I sold few stocks today, as it hit the upper circuit. The volatility of stock market should be over now. I hope to see good day, in Feb 2nd week.

Lets see what happens.
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Why people do not feel refreshing & enthusiastic when they get up late? Did I get insomnia, that I am sleeping so late and getting up late. Need to cook my dinner now. And do some share trading later. Why the stock market has allured me so much, I dont know. May be its the best passtime I am doing. And also this adsense thing from google. Have to read a lot about this in, the co-op network.