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Saturday, February 05, 2005

shakerleg - NY Subway Superstar!!

No one knows him... no one heard of him... no one saw him!!!
Wrong -- I did!!
I was busy to rush home at night... and thought lets catch L train to 1st Avenue from Union Sqr.

Drum beats always draw my attention... and I heard someone was beating the drums... it was only 40-50 seconds of time I listened to him LIVE till L train arrived and it was awesome!!!

Before he goes away from my site, I noted down his website ( And you know what; he was appreciated as a subway superstar by newspapers!!

He does not use sticks but his bare hands... (When I saw him, his fingers had white bandage too)...

I listened to few of his samples... and they were superb!! Can you imagine this subway star had traveled to Korea...? Check out the clip of his Korea performance here... !! Incredible!! And a documentary on him (Did they say something about Conan O’Brian show).

I liked the music so much... I m going back to Union Square tomorrow again to listen to his music LIVE. I think his music CD is also available online at café press who can’t listen him LIVE.

In one of press articles on him, it was written that it’s difficult to please New Yorkers... but it must be wrong!!


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