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Friday, July 29, 2005

Credit Card Scam Happened to me!

I was checking out my credit card statement 2 months back, and found that I was charged for the transactions which I was not involved in. I was charged $8.99 on my credit card and that also for 3 months in a row. How ignorant I am!! 1st transaction, I did not notice, 2nd transaction I thought I might have done that!! 3rd transaction, no way, I did not pull out my Credit Card even from my pocket. ---- This is a scam and I had complained to my Credit Card company. They replaced my Credit card and lodged dispute for these three transactions.
I searched for “TLG*GREATFN” on google (This was the only transaction detail avaiable on credit card statement), and I found few webpages where I found many people were victims of this scam.
How this happened? I had bought something on BUY.COM in december'2004, and then I was taken to a mail rebate page where I entered just my email information (No Credit Card information was entered here). Does this mean, BUY.COM is cheating people OR having connections with wrong companies. What the hell was going on!! I still believe BUY.COM but I also wonder how come, I could see the mail rebate page after finishing the buying transaction on Questions unanswered, just beware of such pages or mail rebates. And your credit card will be saved. Good news - I got my money back through the dispute :-)

Time for Forest Outsourcing

Farmers in Maharashtra are all set to cash in on opportunities offered by carbon credit trading, a scheme aimed at setting the wheels in motion to reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions globally, following the signing of the Kyoto Protocol by 141 countries.

A Pune-based non-governmental organisation, ‘Friends of Carbon’ (FoC), has already brought together 5,000 farmers to exploit the option, which permits a developed country to meet part of its targeted emission cuts by funding tree plantations in developing countries like India, for carbon sequestration. According to the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, which came into effect in February 2005, developed nations have to reduce their GHG emissions by an average of 5.2% below their 1990 levels by 2012. Says Shekhar Kadam, who is in charge of the financial and commercial aspects of FoC, “Plantations are one of the best solutions to curbing damage from GHG emission. But the expenditure for that in developed countries is high.” So, companies there can fund plantations in countries like India, where the costs are low, and in turn take credit for the carbon absorbed by the trees. Farmers need a minimum of 50,000 acres to begin trade in carbon credits. “This system will be a bonus for old plantation owners. Along with the standard yield from the trees, they will also be able to now earn through carbon-credit trading. Improvement in quality of soil is an additional benefit,” he says. Ninety per cent of the funds FoC earns will go to its farmers. Five per cent will go to its associates around the country and the remaining 5 per cent will be used to pay the International finance corporation, which will act as a mediator and facilitate interaction with developed countries like Japan and others in Europe. The quantum of funding will be based on the tonnage of carbon absorbed. This is calculated taking into account factors like age and height of trees and canopy cover. Kadam claims that the mango tree is one of the best variety. The current average rate for a tonne of carbon is around $4 (Rs 174).

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Salman Ash Tape (News Recording)

Salman Khan's reported underworld links have again cropped up, with English daily Hindustan Times putting up on its website a taped conversation between the popular actor and his former friend Aishwarya Rai being bullied to perform before Abu Salem.

The actual Salman Ash conversation went on like this:

Aishwarya Rai: Hello.
Salman Khan: I want you to do the Abu Salem show. Hello?
Salman Khan: When I told you to do the Salem show you put the phone down. F**k you. You are doing the Salem show because of me. I asked you to the Salem show. You are not talking to me.
Ash: F**k you.
Salman Khan: You f***ing bitch. Are you doing the Salem show or not? I want to know whether you are doing the Salem show or not?
Ash: Oh really, you got drunk.
Salman Khan: Are you doing the Salem show or not? Abu Salem show or not? Abu Salem show or not?
Ash: Your phone is tapped.
Salman Khan: You know my phone is tapped. I want to save my own ass, you f***ing b***h. I would like to know whether you are doing the show or not.
Ash: Salman.
Salman Khan: No, tell me, you f***ing b***h whether you are doing the Salem show or not.
Ash: You're too late

Salman Khan: You know Chori Chori Chupke Chupke? I was the only one who knew it was a Chhota Shakeel film.
Ash: Listen, listen. Now stop it, Salman.
Salman Khan: I will call up Salem and compromise. You don't know anything that is happening. It is a big bad world. You don't know the connectivity (sic) of the underworld.
No listen to me. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke was a Chhota Shakeel film. I was the only one who knew. Not even Nadeem Rizvi or Bharat Shah.
I did this role because I was scared of Chhota Shakeel... (Shakeel said) Yeh Mussalman aadmi hamara Hindustan ko agey lekar jayega. So I did Chhota Shakeel's film and that is what I had to do.
Ab mujhe Salem Saheb ke phone aa rahe hain.
Ab aap ke mere relationship hain. Jaise Dawood Bhai mere bade bhai ke relationship hain. Chhota Shakeel ka mere relationship hain. To aap ka hoga. We are hand in glove.
Ash: Hello?
Salman Khan: Abi aap ne disconnect nahin kiya. Itna information ley liya phone pe.
Ash: Hello?
Kyonke main underworld se taluk rakta hoon... mujhse contact nahin rakna? (They get disconnected)
Salman Khan: Phone nahin rakha. Mere liye point prove karne ke liye. Ha. Tum ne kabhi Salem se baat nahin kiya?
Ash. RAW hain jo mere conversation sun reha hain.
Dawood Ibrahim kuch nahin hai. Salem kuch nahin hain. Chhota Shakeel kuch nahin. Jo bhi hain woh main hoon.
Yeh muje malum hain ki Ash ka phone tapped hain. Is liye disconnect ho gaya. Muje malum hain mera phone tapped hain. Ash law abiding citizen hain. Unhone London airport mein phone guma diya. Kyonke main underworld se taluk rakta hoon. To mujse contact nahin rakna?
Ash: Ho Ho.
Salman Khan: You are trying to pretend you don't have to do anything with me. Suno mere bhai suno. Salman Khan, don't you dare...
Ash: Yeah?
Salman Khan: You had a problem. You call me up.
Ash: I called you up because I had a problem. Salman Khan: You never call me up otherwise. Anyway Ashji. You are going to be there for 47 days. Ok, 47 days my guys are there. They will watch what you do there like the last trip.
Ash: Salman Khan, don't you dare.
Salman Khan: Don't you dare f**k with me, Ash. I know Abu Salem, Chhota Shakeel, Dawood Ibrahim, Guru Satam...
Salman Khan: Underworld people call me up here. I am their main man in Bombay. I do all that s**t.
Ash: Stop it. Don't talk nonsense. You can get into trouble.
Ash: Ok, Christ.
Salman Khan: F**k you. F**k you. Don't use that language towards me.
Ash: Stop it.
Salman Khan: You use abusive language against me.
I know Abu Salem, Chhota Shakeel and I know Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan. I know Guru Satam and all these underworld people.
If I say ,"Aisi r***i ne mujhse aise baat ki", they will shoot you. Pehle baap ko maro m*******d, phir bhai ko maro, phir isko maro. Pehle pao pe maro, phir thigh pe maro, phir haat pe maro.
I have the power to do that. You know I can do that. It is a fact, it is a fact
Salman Khan: Because of my connection with the underworld Abu Salem will speak to you. I know all the people.
Ash: Salman Khan, stop all this rubbish. What is this?
Salman Khan: It is a fact, it is a fact.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Download Salman Ash Tape
*The Tape is also available here

Monday, July 11, 2005

Download Yahoo India Version with Hindi Audibles

If you have been using latest yahoo messenger, you must be using Audibles.Its funny right!! But you must be excited to use Hindi Audibles. I got this Yahoo Indian version and thought to share with you all, believe me its real coooool !!! If you are not able to see Hindi Audibles even after installing Indian version, then check your yahoo profile and make sure that Location is set to India, if not then change it to India, save it and relogin to messenger. Download the Yahoo India version from here. *Yahoo will ask to install the messenger again, so no problem, go ahead!! It updates the yahoo messenger. (One Jhalak from the hindi audibles)

Hindi Audibles

Download the Yahoo India Version with Hindi Audibles