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Friday, July 29, 2005

Credit Card Scam Happened to me!

I was checking out my credit card statement 2 months back, and found that I was charged for the transactions which I was not involved in. I was charged $8.99 on my credit card and that also for 3 months in a row. How ignorant I am!! 1st transaction, I did not notice, 2nd transaction I thought I might have done that!! 3rd transaction, no way, I did not pull out my Credit Card even from my pocket. ---- This is a scam and I had complained to my Credit Card company. They replaced my Credit card and lodged dispute for these three transactions.
I searched for “TLG*GREATFN” on google (This was the only transaction detail avaiable on credit card statement), and I found few webpages where I found many people were victims of this scam.
How this happened? I had bought something on BUY.COM in december'2004, and then I was taken to a mail rebate page where I entered just my email information (No Credit Card information was entered here). Does this mean, BUY.COM is cheating people OR having connections with wrong companies. What the hell was going on!! I still believe BUY.COM but I also wonder how come, I could see the mail rebate page after finishing the buying transaction on Questions unanswered, just beware of such pages or mail rebates. And your credit card will be saved. Good news - I got my money back through the dispute :-)


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