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Monday, August 15, 2005

FII Activity and Independence Day

Today we are celebrating the 58th Independence day. First let me congratulate you all and wish you happy independence day. The subject is very weird at first glance. What is FII activities to do with Independence day?We all trade in the great Indian Stock Market. And with co-incidence (I don't know good or bad), but the indian stock market most of the times moves on the activities from Foreign Institutional Investors. This is the entity with great importance in the market. There are many questions arise in my immature mind, is it really good that we are still depending on the FII trends? Tomorrow if FIIs start selling, the market will literally crash. Don't we have strong pillars in market, on which the market can sustain its upward trend. (Not sure!?). Well, I still am sure that the markets are still dependent on the FII flows. May be you would like to give your comments on it in the forum.Anyways, I thought to gather this FII activity information and have it available for all on the day of 15th August :-) at the URL in my signature.

Jai Hind

FII Activity :
Stock Market Forum :


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