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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Yahoo to launch blog ad network

Bloggers!! There is a thing to cheer for!!

Yahoo is planning to launch on Wednesday an ad network for small Web publishers intended to strengthen its hand against rival Google.

Now Yahoo will play to that constituency and challenge Google's pricing power in one of the fastest-growing online mediums: blogging. Like Google's service, Yahoo's self-serve product will display text ads deemed relevant to the content of specific Web pages. Advertisers pay only when a reader clicks on their ads. Yahoo and publishers will split the fees.

Bringing ads to small publishers would expand Yahoo's current advertising portfolio, which caters to its search engine and larger Web sites.
In this vein, Yahoo's service will help the company expand its brand name to small sites. In April, Yahoo formally renamed its commercial search subsidiary, Overture Services, to Yahoo Search Marketing. Overture had served ads to publisher Web pages since 2003, in a program called Content Match, but it only catered to large publishers, such as The Financial Times.


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