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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Linux VI Editor - Error E138 with VI Editor - E138: Can't write viminfo file /root/.viminfo!

Technology - Linux / VI Editor

I saw this Error E138 while editing some file with VI Editor.

The error description is like this.
E138: Can't write viminfo file /root/.viminfo!Hit ENTER or type command to continue

This is the Solution I found:
When you get error "E138: Can't write viminfo file" check that no old temp files were left behind (e.g. ~/.viminf*) and that you can write in the directory of the .viminfo file. {not in Vi}
I have removed the .viminf*.tmp files from /root directory. There was no error or annoying message while editing in VI Editor.

MySQL 5.0 Candidate Released

This is announcement from Kaj Arnö, VP Community Relations (MySQL AB).

The first release of MySQL 5.0 has been done. The betas of MySQL 5.0 have already been downloaded two million times, and have thus been tested extensively in a lot of different scenarios. From the feedback we get from our community, we know it is already in production use at numerous sites. Download MySQL 5.0 here

Key new features of MySQL 5.0 come in three groups:
a) ANSI SQL standard features formerly unknown to MySQLb) ANSI SQL standard compliance of existing MySQL featuresc) New MySQL Storage Engines, Tools and Extensions
The new ANSI SQL features include:
  • Views (both read-only and updatable views)
  • Stored Procedures and Stored Functions, using the SQL:2003 syntax, which is also used by IBM's DB2
  • Triggers (row-level)
  • Server-side cursors (read-only, non-scrolling)
Implementing ANSI SQL standard ways of using existing MySQL features means there will be fewer unpleasant surprises ("gotchas") for those migrating to MySQL from other database systems:
  • Strict Mode: MySQL 5.0 adds a mode that complies with standard SQL in a number of areas in which earlier versions did not; we now do strict data type checking and issue errors for all invalid dates, numbers and strings as expected
  • INFORMATION_SCHEMA: An ANSI SQL-compliant Data Dictionary for accessing metadata, in parallel to the MySQL specific SHOW commands
  • Precision Math: A new library for fixed-point arithmetic, giving high accuracy for financial and mathematical operations
  • VARCHAR Data Type: The maximum effective length of a VARCHAR column has increased to 65,532 bytes; also, stripping of trailing whitespace no longer occurs
New MySQL Storage Engines, Tools and Extensions are:
  • XA Distributed Transactions
  • ARCHIVE Storage Engine for storing large amounts of data without indexes in a very small footprint, intended for historical data that may be needed for future audit compliance (Sarbanes Oxley or otherwise)
  • FEDERATED Storage Engine for accessing data ín tables of remote databases rather than in local tables (only in MAX version)
  • Instance Manager: a tool to start and stop MySQL Server, even remotely
The announcement in details at

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

CNN Tower in Toronto (Technology)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Drinking products from Google - GoogleGulp

Drinking products from Google!!! - these guys have gone berserk.

Check out Google Drinking Products

*Think fruity. Think refreshing.*
Caffeine addict - Now you can cut down on your caffeine intake
and enjoy a more nerdy drink that would make you as fast as Google Search ;) (Thanks Jas)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Post to Blogger from MS Word - Free plug-in

It's a free plug-in for Microsoft Word that works with Blogger. We call it Blogger for Word. Catchy? Maybe. Useful? You bet. With this little number, you can work in Word like you normally do and then save your document as a post to your Blogger blog. Once you install the plug-in and restart Word, some buttons will appear. These buttons allow you to publish, edit, and save as draft from within Word.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge - Link to Download Videos

It is a lot harder to make people laugh than to make them cry. But after years of success at the latter - thanks to the saas bahu series of soap sagas - Indian television is finally attempting to tickle our funny bones.Ironically, the first memorable show on Indian TV way back in 1983 was a sitcom - Kundan Shah's Yeh jo hai zindagi. It is an all time classic. But nothing quite lived upto that for the next two decades.Indian television comedies were pretty much 'lowest common denominator' - loud and slapstick. 'Hum Paanch' was maybe, slightly tolerable, only because characters like Kaajal bhai and the dead wife on the wall (Priya Tendulkar) were imaginative (relatively speaking).Then came 'Zabaan Sambhalke' and 'Dekh Bhai Dekh'. Two shows that re-defined comedy. Its been a decade and Star One has finally managed to come up with one serial that has managed to grab audience attention, a show that will provide a platform for all newcomers to prove their talent across all genres of humour. With the 'Badshahs' of humour, Shekhar Suman and Navjot Singh Sidhu donning the judges' hats, the eventual winner is sure to be put through some serious testing of his / her comic ability. The name of the show is - The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and it airs every Friday at 10:30 pm.

Download The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Videos

(alternate URL - click here to download The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Videos)

Videos to download from various rounds - Raju Shrivastava , Sunil Pal, Bhagwant Mann and many more...

Monday, September 12, 2005

New Yahoo Mail - Are you excited? Read on

Ever since Yahoo acquired San Francisco e-mail provider Oddpost last summer, we've been anxious to see how it intended to take the Oddpost technology and apply it to Yahoo Mail. The wait is finally over. We got a peek at the new Yahoo Mail today. And the company is announcing tonight the upcoming start of beta-testing for the "most significant overhaul'' of Yahoo Mail since it first launched in 1997.

Oddpost users will feel right at home with the new Yahoo Mail. It includes much of the Oddpost goodness; in other words, a user interface that feels more like a desktop e-mail client than a Web page (click on the thumbnail to see an older screenshot of Oddpost). Fast-loading in-boxes, drag-and-drop messages, one-click deleting, standard short-cuts such as (Control N for new message)'s all there, taking advantage of Dynamic HTML technology. They've even kept Subject-O-Matique, the whimsical, automatic subject line generator.

Better yet, the technology now works with Firefox on both Mac and Windows; Oddpost was Windows IE only.

The new look and feel of Yahoo Mail will invite comparisons to Google's Gmail, the speedy email service that launched last April to much acclaim.

We asked Ethan Diamond, one of the Oddpost founders and now a Yahoo Mail product manager, to compare Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Diamond said he believes most e-mail users still favor using folders to organize messages; Gmail eschews folders in favor of "labels." Diamond also touted the keyboard shortcuts that the new Yahoo Mail offers, and the ability to work with messages in new browser windows.
More intriguing to us is what Yahoo may have planned down the road. RSS is a given. It was in Oddpost and will be in the new Yahoo Mail. But Diamond said that Yahoo has also created an API for the mail backend. This means Yahoo developers will be able to create a wide variety of interchangeable user interfaces that can be laid on top of the core mail technology. As an example, Diamond said, Yahoo could build a UI aimed at youths and another for Japanese users. Yahoo users might even be able to pick their own UI's someday.
So when does this roll-out? Oddpost account-holders and heavy Yahoo Mail users will be among the first to try the new technology, which will launch in beta-test mode, in the coming weeks. Beta-testers will be able to toggle between the two versions.
Expect a gradual transiton for the masses, who may be less-prepared to abandon the tried-and-true look and feel of Yahoo Mail. "We don't want to interrupt the experience or change it for people who don't want to change,'' said Yahoo spokeswoman Karen Mahon.
The company will also need to maintain a traditional version of Yahoo Mail for Web browsers or other devices that do not work with the new version.