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Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Year Book - Check out this new website

I saw this today somewhere - My Year Book kinda thing. Its pretty interesting... Its not like just making friends online or something like Orkut or Hi5.. but it has more in it.. The good thing is its not only for high school, colleges but also for professionals.. Giving link for the sign up here ...

"I have already add JNEC in the list so should not be a problem for college category.." ;)

Things You can Do at My Year Book ...

1. Bully, Flirt, & Secretly Admire Everyone!If you wanna piss off a friend, Bully them. Like a cute girl? Flirt. Don't want her to know it's you? Secretly Admire. Be sure to check your Action Items to see who viewed your profile.

2. Vote for "Best Butt," "Ditziest," and 30 Other Superlatives!Regular yearbook superlatives are lame - Most School Spirit and crap like that. These are better. But just like a yearbook, you can only vote for people in your school & year so invite them to join. This is a pretty cool feature once your school is signing up.

3. Put Stuff in Your Locker! Open Your Friends' Lockers.You can put anything in your locker: MP3s, Images, movies. Click someone's songs to see what they're listening to. Leave a comment if you like it.

4. Vote for "Hot or Not," "Best Body Part," "Most Original," "Funniest," "Scariest"!Add some images to the image contest. You might win. Each month we announce the winner in our monthly newsletter: the Monthbook.

5. Upload a Picture. Comment on People's Pictures!Uploading a picture is KEY. You will see your profile views go up & the site will get more fun. Add up to 100 pictures. Comment on people's pictures if you like them. And whatever.. not a bad thing to try out it seems.... :)

I liked it and I also would like to see you signing up for it ...



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