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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A to Z MATHS - Homework Help (with All Solution Steps)

Do u have enough brains to get yourself a headache…Oops! A MIND TEASER
Are you bugged up with your school homework? wanna play some mind games?
If so, here comes mr. piyush shah with an electrical IQ - who showers the solution to all of your mathematical problems accompanied with suitable steps at an eye blink.
No guides, no key sets just log on to
Using this site you will find that mathematics actually is fun, it’s contagious b’coz once u get on it you’ll spread it as you’ll love it.
Credits: Post from my friend’s blog


  • You would like to convince the webmaster to make it user friendly

    "Your site is interesting, but by scripting it only for Internet Explorer, you have prevented the growing number of Mozilla Firefox users from using this website. I would suggest you develop a website which conforms to web standards, otherwise you would literally be refusing to let some of us visit your website. I would love to recommend your website to others but can't do so because this works only for IE.

    Thanks for listening and I hope you would do something about it!


    By Blogger Ankit Malik, at 10:04 PM  

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